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A Warm Welcome to our new barn Family Members  - We are very excited about the coming year, and all of the journey's ahead in 2023!

  • Rebecca and Major

  • Courtney with Eli and Fooney, and bringing our Fabulous Fred back home

  • Belated Congratulations to Ivy on her purchase of Smudge

  • Congratulations to Trinity and purchase of Blue

  • Congratulations to Sarah and her purchase of Gman

  • Congratulations to Nancy and her purchase of Levi

  • Congratulations to Jen and her purchase of Casserole


 Ivy and Smudge


Nancy and Levi

Jen and Casserole


The Paddocks Stables - 2022 News

Congratulations to Syrit Bansi on her purchase of Zeus aka thunderstruck!

Congratulations to Lynda Hodge on her purchase of Molly!

Congratulations to Amanda Clute purchase of Jimmy!

Congratulations to Erin Tinnerman in her lease of Cassie!

Congratulations to Ryli Mae Olsen on her lease of Cato!

Congratulations to Viviana Vargas on her lease of Chewy!


We’re so happy for all of you and wish you the Beat or Luck this show season and this year!!



Congratulations for the many Leases here at The Paddocks Stables

Emmi Lobenstein -  Luna de Noche
Erin Tinnerman - Gabriella 
Skyler Sneathern - Katcha in the Clouds 
Kate & Gianna Lester  - Covington
Makena Minolo - Tanzi
Viviana Vargas - Foster
Emerson Kazarian - Lucky


Congratulations to Taylor Poe on the Purchase of Patrick!

Congratulations to Kalynn and the Washburn Family
on the Purchase of Roman!

Denise and Bentley

Skylar and Katcha in the Clouds

Erin and Gabriella

Emmi and Luna de Noche


Congratulations to Erin Tinnerman on lease of Patrick, Makena Tinnerman on lease of Tanzi, and to Skyler on the lease of Rumey

Congratulations to Erin Copeland on the
 purchase of Cardino!

Lui Le Beau - Congratulations to Lynda Hodge on the purchase of Lui!


Congratulations to The Paddocks Horses and riders for a great 2016 Show year.  Awards to the THJA Year End Banquet - January 7th, 2017!

Kashmir - Congratulations to Cindy & Sadie Baeumler on the purchase of Kashmir

Congratulations to Melissa Escher on her purchase of Kashmir Congratulations to Joan Schulman on her purchase
 of Concord aka Will


Congratulations Kristina McClure                           Congratulations Catherine Nihem
 on the Purchase of Chico                                      on the Purchase of Daisy




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